Cameroon School Kidnap – Final Four Hostages Freed In Bamenda

Ongoing security operations in Bamenda Feb. According to local media, security forces launched a series of raids throughout the town on Friday starting at Gunshots were reported in some areas of the town, including around Commercial Avenue, Mile 4, and Mile 2 Nkwein. Security operations were reportedly ongoing as of Tensions remain high in the city between the English-speaking community and the authorities. Context Authorities launched the raids after a soldier was killed in Bamenda on the night of Thursday, February 8.

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A ruthless response by the government, characterised by the killing of protesters and a two-month internet shutdown in English-speaking regions, has hardened antagonisms, pitching the West African country into deep crisis and raising questions about its survival as a unified state. Amid growing secessionists mutterings, Britain has become more active in recent days in attempting to defuse the confrontation. Protests in Cameroon in December But such quiet diplomacy has also angered some Anglophone activists, who accuse Britain of abandoning its responsibilities in the former British Southern Cameroons, which united with the much larger French Cameroons in It is a loyalty that has rarely been reciprocated by Britain.

Cameroon’s head of the Supreme Court The British Cameroons were made famous by the writings of naturalist Gerald Durrell, who visited in the Forties to search for the elusive hairy toad. He was memorably assisted by an uproarious Anglophone king, the Fon of Bafut, a gin-and-bitters-swilling pidgin speaker with a large retinue of drum-playing, bosom-jiggling wives whom Durrell taught the Conga.

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Cameroon Population 24, , Cameroon is a culturally diverse costal country in Africa , which lies on the western side of Africa on the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The population is estimated at Cameroon’s population is estimated at This makes Cameroon the 54th most populous country in the world. The urbanization rate is currently 3. Douala is the 27th most expensive city on earth, and the most expensive African city.

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Bamenda – description of the city: Bamenda is city of Cameroon (North-West Province). The population of Bamenda: , people. (3, ft) from the Glan valley, are the remains of a town believed to be ancient Noricum, dating from the late-Celtic and early- Roman periods. Numerous finds, fragments of statues and the remains of old al.

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Expression construction-we build and run creatures for organisations, government moves, churches, schools, lives etc. Bonet is lofty by a group of boon Cameroonians, all from the Northwest Capability seated at high and abroad.

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Nche Zama is a Humanitarian medical doctor who believes most heart problems could be prevented if the physical plight of man was addressed and resolved in time. Coming to Banja is to stop the mental and emotional torture the Mbororo have been subjected to for over four years. As the first hearing of a court matter on the advice of the Mbororo to restrain the CATUC from destroying buildings belonging to the Mbororo at Wumse-Ndzah, Barrister Gideon Nji regretted that the Catholic Archbishop applied for a land lease instead of acquiring private property.

The argument here is that the catholic University of Cameroon is a private institution and cannot pretend to be a public service hence does not qualify for a land lease on National land. Equally, the Mbororo land in question is in category one of the Cameroon National land, being occupied and developed and cannot be expropriated. It is also important to indicate that Ardorate Mamamda of Banja is a third class chief of the Mbororo community hence the private public property of the community and by law cannot be prescribed, attached, alienated or expropriated.

This is not solely a Mbororo issue, it is an issue that affects humanity and human rights. Injustice against one human is an attack against all human beings. After listening to a presentation of the Mbororo issue by the rights consultant Fon Achobang, Prof Nche Zama said ‘I am here to empower the Mbororo with education.

79 students and three staff members kidnapped from school in Cameroon

Armed bandits are known to operate in these areas and there is the potential for crossborder attacks and kidnappings. The Nigerian-based terrorist group Boko Haram has a strong presence in neighbouring areas of northern Nigeria, and continues to cross the border and mount attacks in northern Cameroon, including shootings and suicide bombings.

There have been ongoing regional military operations to counter Boko Haram which have led to an influx of refugees in northern Cameroon. It is possible that Boko Haram and similar groups may attempt to conduct similarly styled attacks on hotels and public places in Cameroon. There have also been a number of kidnappings and attempted kidnappings in the east of Cameroon near the border with the Central African Republic.

Mankon plays host to several tourism conveniences amongst which is a modern museum located at the ‘ntoh’, the palace of the fon, and is open to the public. This museum is a major tourist destination in Northwest Province, with a gallery of art and craft dating back several centuries.

Marine Corps photo by Sgt. The offences provided for in this; law shall fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of military tribunals. Whoever, acting alone as an accomplice or accessory, commits or threatens to commit an act likely to cause death, endanger physical integrity, cause bodily injury or material damage, destroy natural resources, the environment or cultural heritage with intent to: Disrupt the national functioning of public services, the delivery of essential services to the public to create a crisis situation among the public; c.

Create widespread insurrection in the country; d. Shall be punished with the death penalty. Perpetuates hostage taking; In order to attain the same objectives as those inferred in sub section 1 above shall be punished with the death penalty, 3. The penalty shall be life imprisonment where the visible consequences of the act referred to in sub section 1 above are animal disease or plant destruction. Whoever directly or indirectly:

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The name of the country derives from the term used for the Wouri River by Portuguese explorers. Reaching the Cameroon coast near the modern port city of Douala around , those explorers named the river Rio dos Camaroes “River of Prawns” after the variety of crayfish they found there. This name later was applied to the coastal area between Mount Cameroon and Rio Muni. Cameroon has distinct regional cultural, religious, and political traditions as well as ethnic variety.

The English-speaking region consists of the Southwest and Northwest provinces, where Pidgin English Wes Cos is the lingua franca and English is taught in school.

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Current immunization records, including evidence of yellow fever vaccination are required for entry into Cameroon. Proof of polio vaccination for visits longer than four weeks. Obtain your visa before traveling. Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Cameroon Embassy or Consulate. Cameroon does not recognize dual nationality.

Furthermore, presenting oneself as a Cameroonian citizen may impede our ability to provide consular services. There have been suicide bomb attacks in public places in urban areas resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. Attacks are indiscriminate, and have impacted places frequented by foreigners. Refrain from travel outside of city limits after dark, and be cautious when in places of worship, markets, hotels, parks, and sporting venues.

Bamenda Ring Road Not Priority – Minister Tells Chinese

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May 27,  · The Regional Hospital Bamenda, was opened in by Sir Roberts the then British High Commissioner based in Lagos Nigeria. The Hospital was given the status of a 3rd level reference health institution for the North West in , to serve a population now estimated at 2,, inhabitants ( health census estimate.

The Hospital was given the status of a 3rd level reference health institution for the North West in , to serve a population now estimated at 2, , inhabitants health census estimate. It has a capacity of beds with staff strength of about workers. For the year , it had 55, new consultations and 15, old consultations making a total of 71, consultations, out of which 15, were admitted. In then it had new consultations and 11, old consultations making a total of 71, consultations of which 14, were admissions.

And bed occupancy rate was To offer the best quality Hospital health care to patients in conformity with the National Road map of the Ministry of Public Health; Cameroon To offer pedagogic support to training institutions of health personnel in and out of the country and in the North West Region in particular; To carry out operational research within the context of improving patient welfare; To co-operate and collaborate with other health institutions, local and international partners.

Cameroon: Ongoing security operations in Bamenda Feb. 9

High unemployment and an under-equipped police force continue to fuel criminality in Yaounde, Douala, and other towns in Cameroon. Critical Crime Threats Street crime is endemic in major metropolitan areas. Wealthy Cameroonians, expatriates, and members of the diplomatic community continue to be targeted. Persons have been robbed inside and outside their residences, on the street, in restaurants, and in shops.

Victims are pickpocketed at virtually all large gatherings and soccer matches. While the victim is distracted, an accomplice may snatch a necklace, purse, or wallet.

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