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So it’s a matter of fighting the proper enemies, not enough battles. It’s also impossible until the end of the game, due to one being in the last dungeon. There are 3 “problem” E Skills, as it were, that cause some frustration. Chocobuckle, granted by level 16 Chocobos near the Chocobo Ranch. They’ll only use the attack when low in health, and the only way to get them to it without them running away immediately is to use another Enemy Skill, Lv. Level 16 ones are the only ones that can be hit by the skill, anyway.

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I’d know that if only I’d paid attention to anything that’s ever happened to me before! Maybe they’re stingy, or abrasive, or just like using a lot of profanity. Along comes an episode with An Aesop , and a character learns how good it is to be generous, or friendly, or that they don’t need curse words to make themselves known.

So the canon for FF7 is that they let you have some freedom and mess around with dating in the beginning (Tifa,Aerith,Yuffie or Barrett) but in the end Tifa .

Cloud’s portrait in Before Crisis. I began to think I was different His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. Cloud had no close friends, and perhaps as a coping mechanism, convinced himself he was superior to the other village children and so didn’t care for their company. He had a crush on Tifa, but hated her friends, calling them immature. Although the two consider each other and are considered by others to be childhood friends, by Tifa’s own account they were not close growing up, despite him having been her neighbor.

When Cloud was nine, Tifa’s mother died, and Tifa insisted she could meet her by crossing Mt. Cloud followed her and when she took a misstep, he tried to catch her but they both fell. He escaped unharmed but Tifa’s life was in grave danger. The townsfolk believed the expedition up the mountain to have been Cloud’s idea, and Tifa’s father forbade Cloud from approaching her.

Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy 7

I chose this same party setup after Midgar without question. Cloud may not be looking for love in the game, but I sure was. Why would I want more guys on my team? Sure that may enforce some sort of power fantasy, but I was also a young boy at the time Everyone hated when Aeris left so much so that tons of hacks and cheats appeared as countermeasures to revive her.

Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VII Guides Gold Saucer Date Night. Guide by Mr Thou. Dating Yuffie is harder to achieve than the previous two dates. In order to date the teen ninja, you’ll have to lower the affinities of both Aeris and Tifa. This means that you will have to .

After having many a good time at the Gold Saucer, you decide to take a rest at the Inn. While at the Inn, you as Cloud get the chance to date one of four characters: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Each date follows the same guidelines, but has different dialogue. Date Yuffie Everyone likes Yuffie, the 16 year old ninja with spunk. Finally, you can do the ultimate clean fantasy – you can date Yuffie! But then half the fun of slaving through the guide is the fact that you can kick dirt in Aeris and Tifa’s face, call them worthless, irresponsible and ugly, and they’ll STILL like you in the end!

So here we go: Always try to have Red 13 and Barret in your party before getting Yuffie. After getting Yuffie, make sure she’s always the second character, unless specified otherwise, like when a character insists on joining you. The third character can be anybody but one of the girls unless specified otherwise.


Barret Aeris Dating Aeris is easy, as she has the highest starting affinity of all, by far. However, Tifa can be a threat to this date if you are not careful. General Guidelines When you have to create a party, always take Aeris and always leave Tifa aside except when you don’t have a choice, at the early stages of the game. This alone should make it so that Aeris is chosen, but it doesn’t hurt to overdo it, so read on.

When given the choice, always talk to or think about Aeris first.

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII – 31 – Yuffie by VerticalSandwich. Play next; Play now; Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII – 32 – Mouth to Mouth by VerticalSandwich. Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII – 66 – Dating Barret by VerticalSandwich. Play next; Play now; Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII – 67 – Dating Aeris by VerticalSandwich.

Edit Yuffie is the youngest member of the party and is usually depicted as the shortest. She has short black hair that is sometimes depicted as brown. Her weapon of choice is the large 4-Point Shuriken. Over her left arm she wears a protective gauntlet that originates from a single pauldron over her shoulder, presumably meant to also act as a shield.

The gauntlet is held in place via a strap tied across her chest and around her back. Ninja-mail mesh covers part of her right arm and left leg, and an additional piece of armor covers the rest of the thigh. She wears a smaller wrist-covering gauntlet on her right arm, orange fingerless gloves, and orange sneakers with white leg warmers. Advent Children, two years later, Yuffie wears a black tank-top with a white Hawaiian flowered design underneath a sleeveless dark-gray vest.

Both stop just below the rib-cage, revealing her midriff.

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Edit In his original appearance, Barret is a heavy-set, muscular dark-skinned man with a dirty brown vest, green pants and large brown boots. His right arm was mangled in the loss of his hometown, and has been replaced with his weapon, the gun-arm , which lets him interchange various weapon attachments to it. Barret has several bands of metal around his waist and his remaining arm, and a tattoo of a skull surrounded by flames that form the image of wings on his left shoulder.

His hair is cut similar to a hi-top fade and he has a thick beard and a dog-tag around his neck.

When the PlayStation 4 remake of Final Fantasy 7 arrives, you can expect it to be completely voiced — even in those infamous dating scenes. Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s director Tetsuya Nomura and.

Report Story Midgar was once divided into two different worlds. One was an upper city known as a plate, a land of steel high up supported by pillars below. Then there were the areas of the ground that never saw daylight because of the plate. The slums were full of life even though it was a chaotic place. Due to the planning of the company known as Shinra, this scene of light and shadow prospering separately seemed it was here to stay forever.

Four years ago, when the Lifestream came flowing out from the earth, many residents believed that it was the downfall of the Midgar. Those who tried to flee from the city with their possessions couldn’t leave the city. Maybe they had thought that they could once again dream of its prosperity once again if they stayed close. Before long, a city named Edge was built adjacent to the city of Midgar.

The city itself was formed on this main street and expanded to the northwest. From a distance it seemed a magnificent city but, most of the buildings are actually built from Midgar’s scrap material. The city smelled of iron and rust. Johnny ran a cafe in the main street.

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This is the main point of Experimental Comic Kotone. It ends up failing in an epic fashion. The World God Only Knows takes this to metafictional levels, featuring a Dating Sim otaku who captures escaped spirits by applying his knowledge of dating sims and their sub-genres. Done as a joke at a comicon in Japan, where Studio Pierrot showed a redubbed set of Bleach clips meant to be an advertisement for an upcoming dating sim.

There’s two ‘dates’ in Metal Gear Solid:

Final fantasy dating cheats Comments The i OS version was released in July and includes the option to turn off all random encounters (battles interwoven into the story still occur) and to automatically activate max stats for the current party level at any time outside of battle.

Ultima Weapon – To get this you need to defeat the Ultimate Weapon. It is the dragon-like creature flying around the sky. If you ram the highwind into him you will have a battle before he runs away. Repeat this process until he rests over Cosmo Canyon and then you will have a final battle with him. He drops the Ultima Weapon as your reward. It’s worth noting that the Ultima Weapon scales with Cloud’s health. The man that used to stare at the rocket will give you this if you speak to him 3 times.

Here’s a nifty formula to work it out: Limited Moon – Bugenhagen will give you this before you take off to drop in on Midgar. But you can get this any time in Disc 3 otherwise. Like Cid, it scales with Red’s MP and the formula is the same. For other people’s reference:

Final Fantasy VII Guides

Turtles Paradise Flyer No. After more dialog, you’ll be able to control Cloud again, so keep on talking to her, and some people from Shinra show up. You’ll get to another screen eventually. Note that Aeris is in the back row. This will halve all her physical attacks.

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The Ultimate Strategy Guide. This strategy guide Version: Ultimate allows you to relive this classic in its full glory, Oo faq shillatime. It’s amazing how many deep themes the story explores and how many subtle references are hidden away in the game. One can also point to the many ‘beauty’ imperfections the game has, which have led to an unprecedented amount of research on the game by fans all over the world. These imperfections have – paradoxically – made the game more interesting for many of us.

The fact that official guides and sources lacked enormous amounts of information allowed a large pile of secrets to stack up, which of course has been harvested over the years and is now presented to you in this guide. It furthermore appears to be the case that the older one grows, the more one is able to appreciate the game’s unparalleled humor, incredible soundtrack, numerous secrets, and the melancholic nostalgia of the days when games were primarily about gameplay, radical jokes and philosophical or literary narrative.

This guide is a recollection of a vast amount of information that has been unearthed from Final Fantasy VII over the years, and as of yet, the source seemingly hasn’t dried up. It also contains unique, self-researched information and a walkthrough with notes on when un official sidequests become available, along with notes on how to boost your party to perfection in an optional ‘Perfect Game’ challenge.

There are still moments when I wish to make a beautiful printed guide or at the very least, a definite guide in PDF format out of this document, but it would require a team of people, or at the very least a very skilled designer willing to take on this task pro deo. Do let yourself be heard if you’re out there. So far, interestingly enough, several people have sent me an email over the years, showing initial interest.

But apparently such interest is but a temporary spark, as they’re never again heard from after follow-up email correspondence.

7 things that may be cut from the Final Fantasy VII Remake

The series was originally conceived when the founders were brainstorming games to commentate for a completely unrelated Let’s Play project. Abridged by the end of , the creators did manage to put out 15 episodes 16 with the Valentine’s Day special that encompassed the majority of the game. The main storyline from the game was concluded with episode 19 in August, This goal has been met as of the final episode of the abridged series, and plans are underway for the abridged movie.

Explore new dating final fantasy vii has by? Dating; do you treat better, tifa, , yuffie, followed by tifa, yuffie yulan news, photos of all you leave the. Dependent on after the mischievous yuffie is just a date you want to dating with aeris, then barret.

Cloud was originally meant to have gelled-back black hair, but the developers realized that this wouldn’t look good in the primitive 3D they had available to them, so they gave the haircut to Zack instead. Tifa had long dark hair that reached her thighs when she stood straight and ended with a split, which was likely a pain for the creators of the game to animate in cutscenes. This change was a deliberate choice on the part of the animators, who were worried that her original hairstyle would be too difficult to animate.

Tifa’s name comes from Tiferet, which is the sixth Sefirot of the Tree of Life and the part which sits in the center to which all other Sefirots are connected. Tiferet is associated with aspects of beauty, compassion, and spirituality, all of which are traits that can be attributed to Tifa. Tifa learns Dolphin Blow as the first of her third-level Limit Breaks, which allows her to summon a spout of water and a dolphin during one of her attacks.

Tifa’s dolphin-summoning ability is actually referenced in her hairstyle, as the tip of her hair is split into a style resembling a dolphin’s tail. Tifa can find a weapon called the Powersoul, which will quadruple her attack power if she is affected by the Doom status.

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Read Case Of Denzel: Page 1 from the story Final Fantasy VII (7): On The Way To A Smile by Epic_Mochi with 3, reads. case, barret, ffvii. Midgar was once di.

Jun 7, Wazzy said: Gimme my game SE. In the original game Aeris clarifies that in the beginning, Cloud reminded her of Zack but as time went on she realized he was different and that she was starting to fall for the real Cloud hence saying she wants to get to know him. Both Aeris and Tifa are in love with Cloud. Wonder how how they are going to run with that relationship in the remake.

Nomura is an unashamed Cloud x Tifa fan. I wouldn’t doubt he’d allow a rewriting so that Aerith was ONLY attracted to the Zack in him and nothing more, while focusing on the Cloud and Tifa relationship. Though for us, that would suck ass.

The Aeris/Tifa Gold Saucer Date Scene