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Whether you are looking for a Country Primitive mirror such as the Van Tassel, a Classic overmantel or sideboard mirror like the Chatsworth, or the Monticello to grace your entrance, bedroom, or ensuite vanity, Empire Mirror has that special style designed just for you. Quality Craftsmanship Each model is custom made to order here in Nova Scotia, using solid maple and birch hardwoods with antiqued gold metal leaf wood carvings, authentic stamped tin tiles and hand rubbed distressed painted finishes. Scroll down to see the optional finishes, features and sizes of our all our models. If you have something unique in mind we can work with you to create a mirror all your own. Custom Finishes Available Stained Hardwoods Our Classical series is available in three different hand rubbed enviro friendly stained finishes: Antique Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany.

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Antique Pie Safe The dry sink was a cabinet with a recessed area on top. More expensive dry sinks had these areas lined with copper or other waterproof material. The recessed area kept the water from the pitcher and bowl contained while someone washed up.

This is a French antique vanity table, a jewellery box table in kingwood dating to the late 19th century, circa The kingwood displaying good colour and grain interest Finished in an appealing ‘jeux de fond’ cube marquetry Attractive French styling in good proportion The shaped top displays well around a central octagonal cartouche Crossbanded frame and trimmed with a brass inlay The.

The micro beaded purses well over 20 beads per inch are quite esteemed as well as the specialty Venetian scenics, Victorian figurals, intricate rug designs, animal, Egyptian and Oriental themes. Today these works of art have become one of the hottest collectibles in the marketplace. Their exceptional workmanship make them prey for the lover of lost art forms. Not only are these handbags not being reproduced but there are very few dedicated people willing to take on their needed repairs and tedious restorations.

Cherished by women and men alike, collectors recognize the humbling, time consuming efforts put into each and every handbag as well as their continuing increase in value, a sound indicator for investing. Certain bead colors can also help date an earlier purse such as cornflower blue and brick red. Beaded drawstring bags, called the reticule, also have distinct characteristics.

Although there are exceptions, the basic early ‘s reticule is a knitted design of three horizontal parts.

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Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy. There was a small version of a washstand sort-of-thing. It had had a mirror, three drawers one needed fixing , and a door which needed to be put back on. I loaded it in my truck and took it to my friend to repair.

Clawfoot tubs become the centerpiece of any bathroom. Their luxurious aura combined with a practical function has made this tub timeless and beautiful.

The forks are a pleasing weight, and very good quality, they have a lovely feel. The forks are engraved with an interesting family crest, a leopards head with an arrow in its mouth, this is unusually engraved on the back of the forks. We welcome any assistance with identification of the family crest. The spoon has the traditional measuring spoon shape, with circular spherical bowl and long flat handle. The spoon has an interesting triple rat-tail joining the bowl to the handle. The hallmarks are on the front of the spoon, and are well struck, they could not be better.

The detail on the sterling lion passant and London town mark leopards head is fantastic, please see the photographs. The butter spade has a bone handle, the blade is shield shaped as opposed to usual triangular shape, The armorial centre cross with 4 crosses is topped with an engraved lion rampant where the blade joins the handle.

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This was the era when mass production really began in a large scale with bedroom suites and dining room pieces being the most produced. With lots of pieces from this period, quality was still visible as super timbers were used like walnut, mahogany and oak. The main focus in design was older styles being copied but these were adapted to fit the more up to date living with comfort in mind.

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Product Description Antique Mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. Antique mirror is a kind of decorative mirror. It can be used both for home and office purpose. It gives a special touch to your interior decoration. Antiqued mirrors used for interior decoration. This system of making glass consists of varying the uniformity of metallic deposits.

This is a French antique vanity table, a jewellery box table in kingwood dating to the late 19th century, circa The kingwood displaying good colour and grain interest Finished in an appealing ‘jeux de fond’ cube marquetry Attractive French styling in good proportion The shaped top displays well around a central octagonal cartouche Crossbanded frame and trimmed with a brass inlay The.

Centers for daily ablutions, they held ceramic wash basins and their accompanying water pitchers. Every house had at least one, so antique washstands abound and you can find them at antique stores, flea markets and yard sales. Separating the genuine antique from a newer copy is usually a straightforward task. Sometimes, though, you’ll need to use a bit more discernment. Abundant Supplies Late 19th- and early 20th-century cabinets were wide enough to accommodate the bowl and pitcher, as well as miscellaneous toiletries.

Victorian pieces could be as fancy as carved parlor furniture or as plain as streamlined, Eastlake examples with simple beading and shallow carving. Oak pieces — sometimes called “golden oak” — with serpentine tops came in about to , and are easily found. Mission pieces, dating from about to , are straight-lined and boxy with with no surface decoration. They were fewer in number and are harder to find. Once these cabinets outlived their usefulness, many were relegated to attics and guest rooms.

Older Washstands Washstands from earlier periods, about and before, were actually not cabinets at all.

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This post is sponsored by Vanity Fair. All photos courtesy of Vanity Fair. Not only does this campaign reintroduce the public to the lingerie icon that is Vanity Fair, it also celebrates the amazing things millions of women are doing around the country and around the world. In addition, Vanity Fair has partnered with Dress for Success , a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged women achieve self-sufficiency and professional careers through access to interview attire and job training.

In fact, the company started by producing mittens and gloves! In the s, nylon was all the rage, and in the s, Vanity Fair made the decision to switch to nylon-only lingerie.

Shop Victorian mirrors at 1stdibs, the world’s largest source of Victorian and other authentic period furniture. This is an antique wall mirror, a Victorian, painted gilt gesso frame in the classical taste with later, quality plate. Circa English Victorian vanity, dating to the 19th century, circa A large adjustable platform.

I love finding interesting antique fashion pieces. Did you ever wonder how they kept those Gibson Girl pigeon front bodices in that pigeon shape? The fact that I found a copy of the original April, Delineator advertisement for this piece is thrilling to me. The piece is stamped inside with the Sahlin Perfect Form info. This piece is in great condition not perfect You can see that the straps are just held on with pins original and the sides have metal buckles which allow you to adjust to fit.

There are three handwritten names inside! Shown in a 24″ waist mannequin. You will want to be smaller than that to fit. Though this is really more a museum piece I’m sure. I’m a bit confused as I would date this to , yet the museum tag reads ” ‘s”. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

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I continue to see the old blue and orange Pennsylvania plates on some vehicles. I thought those plates had to be replaced by the current models either generic or vanity. I’m pretty sure the dates for the old plates to be retired have passed. You’re correct, Michael, the dates for the old plates have passed, and while there might be a few stragglers remaining out there, you shouldn’t be seeing many of the old models any longer.

In September the state Department of Transportation completed its three-year statewide renewal of plates — more than 9 million of them.

Antique Shops Antiques add so much to a home or office: a sense of quality, history, refinement, and grace. It’s no wonder that people find them hard to resist.

There are also kid sized versions as well. Whether buying for a gift or yourself, there are three main points to focus on when shopping for a vanity: Comfort Seating is the beginning of true comfort with a vanity set. Try the seat out; ensure its comfort on both your bottom and at the height of the table. Consider the visual comfort along with physical comfort of a vanity.

The overall ambiance is an important part of setting the day’s mood. Although it sounds strange, smell the vanity too. Certain woods give off a pleasuring aroma to some, but not others. Also consider adding your own scents through potpourri and home fragrances. Aromatherapy is a significant element of your overall beauty presentation. Design Preview the location of your new vanity, before you set out looking.

Storage is another necessity.

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Buyers Guide Introduction to Antique Mirrors Below, you will find all you need to know when considering purchasing Antique Mirrors, with some advice from one of our Antique Dealers and some handy tips from our resident Interior Designer. Expert Antique Dealers Advice Considerations when purchasing an antique mirror Chris Bradford, General Manager at Windsor House Antiques, has been in the antique business for over forty years and specialises in 18th C and 19th C mirrors, below is his top tips to consider when looking at acquiring an antique mirror.

Enhancements – As Chris points out there are a variety of features that will enhance the value and beauty of antique mirrors. In terms of mirrors that feature gliding, establish whether it is original, if it is original it will contribute towards its value. Features that enhance the mirrors value also include carving, the carving on an 18th C mirror is far crisper than that of a 19th C mirror for instance. A beveled edge is a lovely feature and deemed very attractive, as is the original ball and chains found on the back of convex mirrors, which will only seek to add to their value and originality.

Mastiff ( to ‘s). The English Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds dating back to at least Roman times. This is our collection of original Mastiff Art featuring genuine antique prints .

Contact Daniel Lucian Chubb Detector Lock After counterfeit keys were used to commit a burglary at Portsmouth Dockyard in , the British government issued a competition to create a lock that could only be opened using its own key. In response, Jeremiah Chubb designed the Chubb Detector lock, the principle of which was first patented in If access is attempted using a lock pick or a counterfeit key, it will invariably cause at least one of the levers to raise beyond the height of the lever gate, thus raising the detector lever simultaneously; this will cause the detector lever to become trapped in this raised position by the detector spring.

In this state, the lock bolt is essentially seized, with only the original key or, in the case of pre locks, a regulating key being able to reset and free the mechanism. When the owner tries to unlock the lock by turning the key clockwise , the key will stick, informing him that some sort of tampering has taken place. The owner will need to turn the key anti-clockwise slightly to release the detector spring, which will in turn release the trapped detector lever and free the lock bolt; the lock can now be unlocked as normal by turning the key clockwise.

The earliest versions of the Chubb Detector lock required a special regulating key to disengage the locking detector spring; this mechanism design was improved in , no longer requiring the use of a separate regulating key but instead allowing the main key to also assume this responsibility. The lock Hobbs had in mind was one that was fixed to an iron vault door within the Depository of Valuable Papers, in Westminster.

Chubb identified that this failure in security was due to the visual and physical access to the lock levers gained via the keyhole.

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Not only did it contain in a compact and elegant manner items necessary for personal grooming, the very quality and aesthetic standard of both the box and its contents conferred on the owner the stamp of elegance and distinction. This became increasingly important as ladies of the higher social echelons made long house visits to the stately homes of their friends. The vanity box would command pride of place on the dressing table, its contents sometimes spread around it for the hostess and other guests to glimpse a hint of the quality of its owner.

Far from being a mere container of bottles, it became an exposition of the social status, style ranking and of course wealth. The need for personal accessories to be kept in easily portable boxes, which gave rise to the writing box , also gave rise to the Vanity box or dressing box. Most vanity boxes made in the late 18th century were made for men.

Wowser! Gorgeous antique Victorian Burfords Bros. washstand vanity set. c Shipping will be calculated after the order is placed unless you want to email me your zip code prior to ordering. It will need to be shipped in boxes due to the size and weight. This magnificent set, all 6 matched pieces, have the brown backstamp shown in Kovel’s book dating it to the above period.

They are heavy and well-made. I’m very happy with these in our kitchen! HHP Perfect addition to any home I got this piece to go along with our turn that we also purchased and this is absolutely beautiful. Easy install and a wonderful, historically accurate addition to my home. Solidly built, charming and wonderful! We test-purchased one set for our craftsman-Victorian home and it matched the year-old feel perfectly! Can’t wait for more to become available to that we can finish the other 14 doors: D DEC Exactly what we needed We had acquired 2 original s dressers which had Bakelite handles that were hopelessly worn out beyond repair.

We needed a replacement that would not only fit the style but also the color. These worked perfectly in all respects. The pieces look beautiful and the handles honored the 30s Art Deco style. They are also good quality and well made. BIN Add a little splash of blue!